CC in PIB 2015


VWatch Watch video here.

Planeet Sauna 2015



Dat Roofschepping, Ouwe! 2015




BAK: LP/EP 2014

Tracklists for four fictional music albums. Read tracklists here.

The tracklists have been developed as a research on how to compose a narrative on a music album only by using tracktitles, tracklengths and image but without the actual music.




In Afwachting van Achteruit Krat(Awaiting Reverse Crate) 2013

A image produced with a typewriter based on events which occured during the 'Waiting' residency in Tsarino, Bulgaria. It is developed after examening the graphical options of a typewriter. A poem on waiting forms the centre piece of the image, which is written both Dutch and Bulgarian.

read Dutch / English text here




Untitled (a poem about asbest) 2013

Based on childhood memories arroused by the pressence of asbest during the 'Waiting' residency in Tsarino, Bulgaria, I started to write about Asbest. Small slips of paper (handmade in Taiwan, received from a fellow recident) seemed to be an attractive format to produce short texts. The poem presented here is made with a Latin typewriter (in English) next to a version using a Cyrillic typewriter. (in Bulgarian)

read English text here



Kleine Hoekjes Mechanika: Een Liefdes Gedicht / Kleine Ecke Mechanic: Ein Libes Gedicht

(Small Corner Mechanics: A Love Poem) 2013

A poem in freely written sentences, not minding grammar by mixing three languages, in the writing fashion I share with the girl the poem is dedicated to.

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Turkish Ouline Project(ongoing since) 2010

I ask people with a Turkish Identity, a Turkish background or who are somehow related to Turkey, to draw by heart the outline of the contemporary Turkish Republick of me on A4 sized paper, and optionally to ad details on a personal basis. Four out of over fourty examples are shown below.





Mapping the Abandoned Village of Tsarino 2012

In the first few days of the 'Art in Post-Public Space' residency programme, in the abandoned village of Tsarino, I tried to make a simple and schematic map of the area and hand it out to the other participants.




Ella Empres and the Layers of reality vs. BAK 2011

A co-operative audiovisual project between me (as BAK) and Ella Empress and the Layers of Reality, an electronical improvisation music group. We directed a handmade shadow play on overhead projector supported with the live sounds of EEATLOR.




The Bulgarian period of Vincent van Gogh 2011

In the summer of 2011, The Tsarino foundation organised a residency in the abandoned village of Tsarino in south-eastern Bulgaria, on the border of Greece. Me and Alexandros Papamarkou worked together on a project for the Residency.

After buying 3 houses in Tsarino and several visits, the local people from the nearest inhabited village, Chorbadzjisko, started to be curious about the exact means of the organisation. It proved to be difficult to explain that international artists would be interested to live under basic conditions in the Rodopi mountians. So rumours went round, what could bring this group of international people to Tsarino?

Strange things were said: Gold diggers? Turtle traders? Smuggelers? Human trafficers? Body builders?

In the end the Tsarino Fundation stated they were landscape painters. This was accepted, the landscape was very beautyful after all. But in practice none of the participating artists was a landscape painter, so me and Alexandros decided to give them a landscape painter: Vincent van Gogh.


Armed with a straw hat, a field easel and oil paint I went into the field to paint the landscape. In the end of the residency we had the exhibition in the village of Chorbadzjisko and as a performance I painted the Community Center.




The Book is the Space 2011

This Group project was innitiated by Francois Dey. In a series of meetings we aimed to make a book together without initial restrictions, concidering the book format as the exhibition space. We tried to have 'Jam Sessions', to find a balance in collaboration versus autonomous working. We found confusion and frustration, but also surprises and inspirations.

We ended up with a printed book in an edition of 100 unique variations. By hand we mixed up the pages, to continu the 'jam'. The cover was enclosed in a semi-transparent paper including the ISBN and a text about the project.

My contribution is a serie of dialoques about people who try to work together on something but don't listen to each other, do stuff wrong, or just don't want to.




Return to Iran 2010

It was the first of June 2010 that I finally left Holland in the direction of Iran.

I had bought a old moped, a Honda-C50, and build a caravan to sleep in. It took me about 4 months to arrive at the Iranian border, crossing the European continent. That was a weird day, because I was not allowed to enter Iran by my vehicle, I forgot some important documents in Holland.


But I could enter Iran without moped. My 2 months visit was a good one, my long stay at the house of the Ateshkar Family was truely beautyful.

Man miravam be kuh va mibinam satare dar shab, sepas khozaram!



Het Kauwen(The Chewing) 2009

Together with Maarten Wesselius I produced a small film called HET KAUWEN. In this film we recreated all sounds and put them with the footage. There will be loads of chewing, watch and hear for yourself.

het Kauwen




KRAKA-KRASGRIJS, my end exam project at the art academy, is a dedication to the kickdrum used in many electronic music styles, mainly stuff like Gabba or Breakcore. I did twoPerformances with the Crossbow on the subject of visualising the Kickdrum and Breakcore music.

First during the end exam, named: KRAKA-KRASGRIJS!. Later I recomposed the performance and showed it at the Art'n'Public project space in amsterdam, new title: BREEK JE HARDEKERNFUSIE, MOEDERNEUKER!.