Tower Goes Ballistic 2014




Grijsschaal: Cyprus 3(greyscale: Cyprus 3) 2014





Untitled (Lood/Zout)(Lead/Salt) 2014

Made under the suspicion that there is something about uniting a block of Lead with a block of Salt...





Grijsschaal: Achteruit Krat(greyscale: revesed crate) 2014





Walvis Maag(whale stomach) 2014

As part of a group show (organised by me and Erin Tjin A Ton inside an abandoned church) called Jonas en de Walvis (Jonah and the Whale) I inflated a big tube in between the colums and the wall of the space. Entering the tube is a way to have a very differen view on the Church space, which, with it's 14 meter high ceiling feels enormous. By installing an additional space which is big enouh to wonder around in, I was trying to counter the dominating characters of the church space.







Sluis(waterlock) 2013

For the 2013 edition of the HENK op de HELLING festival I made an interactive instalation which covered a concrete wall. Water was constantly faling down through the gate and the visitors had to work together to have a dry pass. At both ends of the stairs there were two handles which could be pulled to stop the water from falling down. While one person would hold the handle, another could pass dry and hold the handle at the other side to let the first person pass.





BETTY Boson 2013

The folding of paper in the previous Breakcore Piramide project asked for a further investigation. During a recidency in Hamburg I explored large-scale origami techniques to construct two objects to create a work based on the 2025 exhibition space. The title refers to the DESY physics centre in Hamburg, which posesses a particle accelerator, and which was the theme of the exhibition.

I suggest to consider the results in relation to the Kleine Ecken Mechanic drawings made during the same residency.





Grijsschaal: Breakcore Piramide(greyscale: breakcore pyramid, unfinished)2013

The Breakcore Piramide is a continuation on the manipulated photo/drawings made in Turkey and Cyprus, It uses the same images (printed at A0 size) for it's base. I enlarged the scale and allowed the work to become 3D in order to push the intensity further. The triangular shapes which came up in the beginning of the procces reminded me of a exploding pyramide, which became the leading theme in the work.




Aaskraaien(scavengercrows) 2013

Aaskraaien has been made for a comission and follows the line of Skelet Eet Plank.

Clothes, owned by the commissioners, have been processed in several parts of the sculpture. It is located in the staircase, next to their drying clothes.





Tse-Points 2012

"Tse" is a Bulgarian letter, and the first letter in the name Tsarino, the village were the three Tse-Points are Located

Each concrete letter is situated next to a change in the road, a split or a passage.




Contragewicht(Counterbalance) 2012

Contragewicht was composed around a small ceramic tripod which was ment to carry 'nothing'.




Skelet Eet Plank(Skeleton Eats Plank) 2012

Skelet Eet Plank started of as a project about symmetry. The project space, in which my residency took place consisted of two rooms connected by a small corridoor. It was my intention to create two independent atmospheres in the rooms; different enough to stand by itself, but similar enough to force a connection and a feeling of a whole, even though the two rooms cannot be seen simultaniously.

Both rooms include a long plank in which some figures are biting. The planks are suspended from the walls and connect, literally, by rachet straps.




Radar en Bakens(Radar and Beacons) 2011

The function of a radar is to find things and the function of a beacon is to be found.




Presevation 2011

During my residency in Tsarino, Bulgaria, I stumbled on several bottles with homemade preserved tomatojuice in one of the abandoned houses. The colour of the tomatojuice was surprisingly bright red in this crumbling village. Since the village was abandoned in the eighties, would this tomato juice be over twenty years old?

Inspired by a transportable coffin, used by the locals, i made a carrier for the bottles from crap material, and embed them in a layer of salt.



Wereldtafel(Worldtable) 2011

A present for my friend Esther.



Selected works produced during my studie at the ceramic department, Rietveld Academy.



The title and sculpture are inspired by a text-sample from the 'Handthrow' track by Venetian Snares.


11=grijs(11=grey) 2007           Untitled 2008                                 Untitled 2008