Grijsschaal: Theme Of Sudden Roundabout 2015

The sub-title: "Theme Of Sudden Roundabout" is taken from the similar named track by Autechre, from the Draft 7.30 album, 2003.



Untitled (Drijg/Zwijg Kraaien) 2015



Illyena 2014

Plastic illustration using collage techniques. loosely based on the song 'Ilyena' by the Mars Volta.




Untitled(Bison) 2014

This Bison was made by request for the Bison Caravan project which consists of a round-traveling exhibition of Bison-Artworks composed of pieces donated by artists.


Kleine Ecken Mechanic / Kleine Hoekjes Mechanika(small corner mechanics, no. one and two) 2013

Two compositions consisting of several drawings atempting to create a formal narrative using a comic format. Based on prints of pictures of materials found in the studio used during my Hamburg residency.






Greyscale Drawings 2012

Photo's taken in Turkey and Cyprus, printed and modified wile traveling.




Skeletons 2012

Drawing little Skeletons proved to be quite cool!

Looking back these drawings turned out to be the research for the Skelet Eet Plank instalation produced in BERM.




The Border Between Brothers 2012


Preservation no. 2, no. 3 and no. 5, after the tomato bottle sculpture: Preservation no. 1




The titles using Godsplit/Ghostsplit is a interpretation of a text-sample from the 'Don't Sleep Ghostly' track by the electronic music artist 'Rotator'. This violent track, and the violent idea of splitting a god were inspiering me when i was in Iran in 2010.

Here some of the outcomes.



In the Iranian mountain village of Junaquan I saw a plastic bag carrying the words: 'Genesis of Pray'. These words (roughly translated as 'Roofschepping' in Dutch) were so weirdly connecting to the Religion in the region that it turned into a little serie of drawings.

Here one example.



Grenspost(Borderpost) 2010

In this comic we follow a crow who flys along a desertroad to the bordepost between Yellow- and Blue-Country. I tried to create a smooth colour change by slowly moving the point of view from Yellow- to Blue-Country.

The border-assholes and their behaviour are based on things I saw at the Albanian/Greek border.




Lijmsteen(GlueStone) 2008

'Lijmsteen' was produced as a portrait af the artist Brad Downey. It is published in his book 'the Vanity Project'.




My end examproject in 2009 was initiated by a series of siberian chalk drawings. They are part of my attempt of visualising music. Electronic music, starting off from Gabba-Glitch-Core and other noisy stuff.